2019 League

Starting on 1st September, we are running a club league.

Firearm Types

The league can be show with the following firearms:

  • Rifle  –   Small Bore (RSB)               –              .22LR
  • Pistol –  Small Bore (PSB)               –              .22LR
  • Centre Fire Rifle (GRCF)                 –              Any Centre fire pistol calibre
  • Centre Fire Pistol (CFP)                  –              Any Centre fire pistol calibre
  • Shotgun – Semi (SAS)                     –              12G
  • Shotgun – Pump (XPS)                   –              12G

Firearms can be either open sight, or with scopes/red dot etc.

Shooter Levels

We will have 2 shooter levels (Honor system applies here):

  • Experienced
  • Novice


We will shoot the following disciplines (See details on each below)

Timed & Precision 1

Multi Target

Precision 25


  1. During the year you will need to shoot at least five of each of the three disciplines.
  2. Your top three scores in each discipline will count towards your overall aggregate score.
  3. The league matches can be shot any time the range is open during the year, and the RSO is available to referee the match.
  4. At least 2 club members must take part in a match – ie. You cannot shoot a match by yourself
  5. You cannot mark your own target
  6. Scorecard has to be signed by person who scored it & RSO
  7. All scorecards to be left in dropbox in the clubhouse
  8. Incomplete scorecards will be marked as null and void
  9. Tied Final score will require a head to head shoot off, consisting all three disciplines.


2019 Club League Scores: Click Here

Please note: If you shoot the same discipline (T&P, Multi, Precision, Embassy) on the same day with the same firearm, then only your highest score will be taken for purposes of the league. All disciplines shot will be counted towards entry to the draw.