Club Practice Competitions

This page is for members to record their progress during practice competitions at MTSC. The goal is to allow competitors to monitor their personal progress over time.

You may enter a photograph of your completed scorecard for long term records if you wish. Please only put your club membership number on the scorecard if you wish to upload the image.

When you shoot a practice competition at the range, please enter your scores here:

Timed & Precision 1 competition score entry

25M Precision competition score entry

Multi Target competition score entry

Scores will not be audited or validated. This is being offered to our members to allow you to track progress over time during practice competitions at MTSC, and results from these matches will not not form part of our club league competitions. The scorecards will be available on request from to individual members.


You will find scorecards in the storeroom, that can be used for these competitions, please ask your range safety officer for a scorecard, or you can print them from here:

Note: there is a QR code on each scorecard, if you are using your phone, the QR code will take you directly to the correct form for you you to enter your scores.

Course of Fire

Course of fire for each of these competitions can be found on the NASRPC website:

Timed & Precision 1 Course of Fire

Precision 25M Course of Fire

Multi Target Course of fire


Results that show ‘RSO Certified’ mean that the member has provided a signed competition result form, and MTSC are holding a copy of the result form.

Practice Competition Results

Notes:Results are updated every 5 minutes
These results report purely the information provided, and no validation is provided