Club Multi-Target Shoot

MTSC will be running a club member only Multi-Target shoot on Staturday, 26th April from  2:30pm – 5pm.  Open to all current members of MTSC, this event will be the first of regular events for club members enabling training for competitions and as part an internal club league for 2014.  We plan to hold GP40, T&P and WA1500 events in the coming weeks.

This is open to all club members, and can be shot with:

  • Pistol: Rimfire & Centerfire
  • Rifle: Rimfire & Centerfire
  • Shotgun

We will follow NASRPC rules for this shoot.

 Course of Fire

Requiring 24 rounds, This event takes approximately 30 minutes to complete
The maximum possible score is 120


Practice 1 – 6 shots @ 25 metres,

  • 6 shots in 15 seconds, left hand target


Practice 2 – 6 shots @ 20 metres,

  • 3 shots on each target in a total of 10 seconds.


Practice 3 – 6 shots @ 15 metres

  • The target will make 3 appearances of 3 seconds with intervals of 5 seconds
  • Two shots only to be fired at each appearance on the right hand target
  • The firearm must be returned to the ready position between appearances


Practice 4 – 6 shots @ 10 metres,

  • 3 shots on each target in a total of 8 seconds.


The match detail calls for the replacement of shot targets following each practice. For informal club competitions and practice you may find that the convention is to simply use two targets for the entire detail


For any further details, please contact


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