MTSC Training day, 23/6/2019

Hi all,

We had a fantastic (albeit rather wet) day today at our club training day. John briefed us on the requirements all club members must be aware of, with regards to child safety. We then moved to the range, and undertook a refresher on firearms safety, including requirements whilst travelling to the range, how to clear different types of firearms, and finally an overview of common competition procedures being covered. We also had a good bit for shooting, with full lines, which ran for the entire afternoon.

There was quite an interest in the rules of competitions. We as part of the NASRPC, use the same rule books for most of our competitions as the UK-NRA. Please find enclosed link to the rule book for gallery rifle and pistol, based on the UK-NRA Rules. This book calls out all of the competitions we would regularly shoot at the range, the range commands and processes during competitions.

UK NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol Handbook


We plan to hold these training days on a regular basis, so please let us know what you would like us to cover during them.