WA1500 Sanctioned Match

The WA1500 association of Ireland will be holding a WA1500 Sanctioned match at Munster Target Shooting Club on Saturday, 10th July.

These are Open competitions, but please ensure that you have insurance and firearms certificates available for inspection by RSOs on the day.


10:30Wa1500 60 Shot (1 of 2)
11:00WA1500 Main Match (1 of 2)
12:00WA1500 – 48 Shot Match (1 of 2)
13:30WA1500 Main Match (2 of 2)
14:30WA1500 – 48 Shot Match (2 of 2)
15:00Wa1500 60 Shot (2 of 2)
times subject to demand

Competition Entry Fees:

Main Match:€15       
Open Match: €8
48 Shot Match: .€6


Due to Social Distancing procedures, places will be limited, and competitors will need to book to ensure a place on the line on a first come, first served basis.


Contact Details

for any queries, please contact Gerry McCarthy: gerry@mtsc.ie